Stok Kangri Trek Travel Attractions

Stok Kangri is the highest mountain range in this part of Himalayas and lies in the region of Ladakh in the northwestern part of India. Located in the Hemis national park, this lies around 12 km to the southwestern direction of the trailhead in the Stok village. Stok Kangri is a lovely peak and is great destination for all nature lovers.


The peak is normally is filled with snow in the months of July and Augusts and has some of the best landscape and terrain. This peak has been viewed as safe enough for teams to go on expeditions and mountaineering ventures.

Ladakh is one place where every adventure lover would love to go and would dream of being in. This paradise on earth is a great place to be in and is a thrilling combination of travel excitement and adventurous pleasures.

So get into the region of Stok Kangri at a height of around 20,075 feet and see this prominent peak on the southern part of this region.

You would have to spend a lot of time getting acclimatized to this place and as you visit the monasteries here you would surely love to be in the midst of the Shey, Hemis, and Thikse monasteries which are famous destinations here in the land of Ladakh.

Get into those routes with the best picturesque villages and the most ideal travel delights. So go to the high plains of Nimaling and reach the Stok Kangri Base Camp. Here you would enjoy the approach to the mountains. It would be a three day affair. Enjoy the campsites here and also the distant views that take your vision till Tibet and the eastern part of the Karakoram.

The climb on Stok Kangri is very challenging and is a great adventure. Though the climb is relatively safe and is a great place with the most fascinating slopes though low, yet the trek is one that promises to be the best and the most interesting.

Stok Kangri

At an impressive height of around 6153 m Kangri is a great challenge to many. The height is not technically an easy climb and one does not need basic mountaineering equipment for the same. The view from the top is one of the best and the best views of Karakoram and Zanskar are most fascinating here. The Mount K2 is also seen from here and this second highest peak in the entire world is at a height of around 8611m and provides great travel pleasures.

A very popular Himalayan trekking peak, the Stok Kangri peak is a great place with the best travel pleasures.

People normally come to Leh, the Ladakh capital and then proceed to experience the trek which starts from the base. When we went for the trek we explored the monasteries that are so much part of this place and we enjoyed the entire experience.

The second day we tried to go on a short hike to the top to practice the method of exercising at this elevated height. The Stok Kangri was perched on the other side of the lovely valley and we were quite prepared for the challenge that we were waiting for.

On the third day, we went driving to a place called Spituk which was the closest road that was near Stok Kangri. Then we had to get ready to start our trek. We started it with an easy walk of around four hours. We then reached a region called Zing Chan. We stayed overnight here and the camp was quite exciting.

The trek continued the following morning with us going to the base of the Stok la which was a pass below the mountains. The entire trip we were trekking in the lovely landscape of Ladakh. We were totally taken in by the entire surroundings and the whole experience was really fascinating. Here at the base of the Stok La, we halted and had a good meal and then slept overnight. We had a good night’s sleep.

stok kangri trek
stok kangri trek

The following day we went to trek over the Stok La Pass and camped at Mankorma. This pass gave us great views of the entire region of Stok Kangri. We loved the beautiful scenery around and the enchanting sights here are very mesmerizing.

I still remember how we climbed onto a ridge and then we went towards a large glacier. We crossed the glacier and then had gone up the summit. The last lap of the trek is very strenuous and takes a toll on our physical strength. The panoramic view from his region is a sight to behold. The Karakoram Range was to our north west and it was a great sight.

While on the Stok Kangri trek the enchanting sights of the snow clad peaks was what held our attention and we were completely enthralled by it. Again walking past the village of Stok was a great thrill and we could see the best sights of the forts and castles here. This drive was around six hours and was very enriching and thrilling.

Then we proceeded towards the Khardung La pass. This is the major challenge for the entire trip. Today this is the highest motarable road and the whole purpose of the entire Stok Kangri trek was wonderful.

With the greatest pleasures and the most ideal travel delights, the Stok Kangri Trek is a great challenge and an ultimate luxury for all adventure lovers.

Monsoon Destinations in India

Do you know that India is also know as the Monsoon Nation?

Even channels like National Geographic has also stated India as a place to enjoy monsoon. If you ever notice the the highest number of tourist who visit India is in the months of monsoon.

So today we welcome Mr Bose from Pitrashish Premium Hotel in Karol Bagh to share his experience with us. And if you are ever planning to visit New Delhi the we also suggest to stay at their hotel.

So lets get started.

New Delhi

New Delhi Rain

What better way to spend the monsoon season than stay in the city. And the capital of India is an awesome destination to visit during Monsoon. The locals here love the rainny season and tourist attraction like India gate and Lodhi garden gives a majestic look when it rains.

So do visit Delhi and you can also do a lot in the city like Delhi has some amazing Malls who loves to offer good discount during Monsson season. So why not try to do some shopping at some malls such as DLF Emporio, DLF Promenade, and Select CityWalk.

Hotel accommodations are also available and might probably less cheaper knowing that the city dwellers are out in the provinces to enjoy the vacation. Boutique hotels are good places because it’s cheap such as Hotel Breeze Inn and La Wisteria. And finally you are most welcome to stay in our good hotel in karol bagh Delhi.


Mumbai Rain

Another city that’s definitely good place to stay during the season is Bombay or now commonly called Mumbai. The city is one of the most populous in the world, and with the monsoon season, there will surely be more than a third of the populace going out of the city to enjoy.

The best thing abour Mumbai monsson is the ocean. Many travelers have mentioned that Mumbai beaches which are not exotic but populated offer some great smiles when it rains. The local famalies love to visit Bandra or Nariman point beach and believe the that you must check these destination out when you have the time byt when its raining.

And just like Delhi, this is an opportunity to enjoy the city which is overcrowded during regular days. Enjoy the holy visit at Shree Siddhivinayak at day and end it with Bandra- Worli Sea Link and get to see how technology changed the landscape of the city.


Lonavala Rain

Lonaval along with Khandala are two hills that are fondly called twin hills by the local people. Lonavala is a getaway for people who live near Pune and Mumbai.

Nature lovers will definitely devour the hills because of its fine places such as Tiger Point, Lion’s point, Lohgarh Fort, Rachmi Fort, and Reversing Station.

Adventurers can also seek Balloon Rides and the Della Adventure for some amazing rides and thrills. Relax at Della Resorts and Villas or Upper Deck Resort for more relaxation time with the family.

Munnar, Kerala

Munnar Rain

Munnar is known for its tea plantation that looks and sound so serene for a lot of people. There is no question why a lot of people would prefer staying here during the monsoon season.

And because Munnar is known for its plantations, the Tea Gardens and Kolukkumalai Tea Estate are definitely the must sea places here.

The panoramic view of the place is purely majestic and lush that one can feel the cold breeze of the place which is very much different from the city. Best places to snug sleep are the Munnar Tea Country Resort and Forest Glade where the ambience compliments the whole area of Munnar.


Udaipur Rain

The city of Udaipur is known by many as the Venice of Asia all because of the number of temples that are collectively located in the lake where the setting is at the majestic Aravali Hills.

Some of the things worth exploiting here are visits to the City Palace of Udaipur, Eklingji Temple, and Dharohar for an enormous amount of learning of the local folk dances and music.

The lake Pichola is also a wonderful place to see the City Palace as well as the Lake Fatehsagar especially at night. Notice how it got its nickname from tourists through the two lakes.


Beaches, beaches, and beaches, that is what Goa is all about. With a massive number of visitors gong at Goa during the monsoon season, it is absolutely hard to get a “me” time in the beachfront or anywhere else that’s called as tourist attractions of the place.

But mind you there are other places where one can be silent just like the UNESCO World Heritage site Basilica of Born Jesus which boasts of its grand baroque architectural design and tranquil pavements. Beachgoers will surely love to stay and thank nature for its wonders of beautiful beaches like Agonda Beach, Palolem Beach, and the mandrem Beach which are said to be the best beaches in Goa.

Ladakh and Leh

Leh which is the capital city of Ladakh is very near Kashmir that lies on the well known ancient “silk road”. Travel in this wonderful place and get to experience how your mind and body rejuvenated and your spirit be free from all the evils.

The monasteries of Hemis, Shey, Thikse, Lamayuru, and Alchi will help you to have a sound mind and body. The whole place is helpful to meditate and look back and reflect on the things that should have been done, and prepare for future goals.


Meghalaya is a place in India that has not been much explored by international travelers which is why this is a great destination during the monsoon season as there can be little guests compared to well develop tourist attractions in the country.

Nature lovers will like the place because of its scenic natural spots like Umium Lake, Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Elephant Falls, Mawlynnong Waterfalls, the Ward’s Lake, and the Shilong Place. Adventure seekers also get to enjoy the Double Deck Living Root Bridge and Roots Bridges that are made for trail walks.

Laitlum Canyons is also a nice getaway. Lakkhotaa Lodge and Cheranpunjee are two hotels that have a somewhat nature effects on its surroundings which is a nice place to have an overnight sleep.

Meghamalai, Tamil Nadu

Locally known as the High Wavy Mountains in the district of Theni in the state of Tamil Nadu, Meghamalai is a place where one can be close to nature just like Meghalaya. The excellent green hills are to die for, it is so much picturesque and lush that every visitors will want to stay in the area for good.

The road going in Meghamalai is bumpy but once you reach the place you would say that it was all worth it. It is one of the very few areas in India that has not been fully developed for mass flooding of visitors, that is why travelling in Meghamalai this early is a good point as the place is still unspoiled and pristine.

Valparai, Tamil Nadu

Another hidden gem of the state of Tamil Nadu is Valparai which is a hilly area located in the district of Coimbatore.

Valparai is located at a high area of the Western Ghats, specifically the Animalai Hills. It is 3,500 feet high, and the weather is a little colder than the cities of Delhi and Mumbai, a perfect getaway for people who want to be away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Some of the best places to visit here are the Aaliyar Dam, loam’s View Point, Koolangal River, Grass Hills, and Chinakallar Waterfalls.

Some of the Best Honeymoon resorts in India

India is not just a nation of yoga and culture. Now it has become of the very best tourist destinations in Asia and the world. Now if one asks that what are those special moments when one loves to travel then many will say road trips, honeymoon or as many say about India, path to understand the universe.

Today I am here with a post on Indian destination but they aren’t relayed to universe or read trips, its the honeymoon travel which I am concerned with. So lets talk about some of my favourite Honeymoon resorts in India.

Loha Garh Fort Resort, Jaipur

It does not matter where in the world you come from when looking to take your honeymoon to the grand Loha Garh Fort Resort. There are multilingual staffs working to meet all your needs and make the honeymoon experience very special. It is only 4.27km from Jaipur and boasts high-class amenities that make guests want to extend their time. There is everything from an amazing tree house to restaurant, spa, coffee shop and wedding services to 30 individually decorated rooms where you can recluse for some privacy. This is one of my favourite honeymoon resort in Jaipur where you will be pampered beyond expectation by the friendliest staff.

Taj Hotel, Mumbai

Taj Mahal Mumbai

It is among few five star honeymoon resorts right at the Gateway of India, boasting more than 500 rooms and 44 suites where guests can indulge in the pleasures India has to offer. Take your honeymoon to the Taj hotel to enjoy acclaimed service and even stand a chance to meet distinguished world personalities who also love the service. There are several luxury amenities to help while the time away, not to mention delicious cuisine served at your request. There are several spectacular views of the city below form the hotel and what a wonder it is to see all the lights shining as night sets in.

Raj Palace, Pink City

If you want to add some mystic to your honeymoon, nothing would be better than Raj Palace Jaipur. It is the world heritage site where Royalty resided and now you can walk the corridors to share in the supremacy and power the great palace holds. There are boutiques, massage parlors, antique museums and safaris to give you a royal experience everyday of your intimate holiday. Art enthusiasts love the Raj palace for it is a masterpiece in itself.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

UM, jodhpur

Experience traditional Rajput hospitality at this palace characterized by beautiful balconies, open courtyards, gardens and comfortable rooms with great antique furniture. It is a family run hotel whose owners love to create the best honeymoon getaway for lovers. There are high-end amenities like Wi-Fi, Cable T.V, swimming pool and a restaurant serving different culinary delights to wow your palates. Customers never have to worry about power outages thanks to the backup system that works right on cue. There is also a great car rental and ticketing service for ultimate convenience. Guests are served by one of many experienced workers with friendly demeanor to make their memories most auspicious. The private balconies in most rooms go a long way in make you comfortable and relaxed when you do not want to mingle.

Explore the south of Delhi

Every tourist city or a business town has some highly rated part. Like New York has Manhattan, similarly New Delhi has “South Delhi”. This part of Delhi is full with millionaires and the expense budget for locals here are some of the highest in India. So in the eyes of a hospitality advisor, prefer South Delhi if you are planning to explore New Delhi. So 1st thing 1st.

1. Book an accommodation

Book an accommodation

Well I will always suggest my client hotel as its affordable and is at the perfect location but South Delhi is filled with many 5 star hotels too. You can get a nice room deal at around 150$ for a couple and even a complimentary breakfast or opt for a luxury hotel which will cost something like 50$ for 2 pax. Check out Hotel GTC, it’s one of the best South Delhi Hotel.

2. Close by tourist destinations

Lotus Temple

India is really lucky to have a monument on the 7 wonders of the world (Taj mahal) but if I get a chance to choose the 7 wonders of India I will add Lotus temple and qutab minar in them. Both of these are popular tourist attractions in Delhi. Lotus temple is a lotus shaped building (and it’s huge) which opens its doors for multiple religion followers to visit it and perform their holy practices under one roof. Qutab Minar has a bloody history but today is one of the tallest tower in Delhi and a very famous tourist destination in Delhi. Also have a look at this post to know more on places to see in delhi.

3. The best food is here

When we talk about some of the finest restaurants in New Delhi than South Delhi is at number 1. This part has some of the amazing pubs, bars, discos and my favourite Taj hotel. Apart from South Delhi, I only consider Connaught Place as the best place to dine.

4. Do some quality Shopping

Delhi has a nice shopping culture. Previously it was the busy markets of Chandhni Chowk not its malls like Select City Mall. If you are in Delhi for a holiday and you have skipped shopping in malls lime like DLF Emporio, City walk etc, and then you have missed a lot. These malls are not just filled with western brands but they have some amazing local studious selling some amazing Indian handicrafts, designer cloths etc. S please do some shopping.

5. Try to skip the BRT Corridor


Okay, I won’t be writing everything positive about south Delhi. There are some problems with the areas and for me the biggest ones are traffic jams. Instead of hiring a taxi from the street, ask your booked hotel reception to hire a 2-3 day cab for you. As you are paying them 20-30% extra so they won’t drive from areas like BRT which are jam packed in morning and evening time. Believe me. this one is the most important advise.

So my friends, if you are tempted to visit New Delhi and stay with us at Hotel GTC, than contact us. Also have a look at Tripadvisor to know more about Delhi Hospitality.

Destinations which I suggest to my hotel guests to explore…

When it comes to Delhi it becomes tough to choose only five best places. A city like Delhi is as old as Indian history. The presence of this enigmatic city always makes you feel love for this country. If you read history you will get this name as the royal place of India. Many great empires lived in this city. Delhi carefully carries its history and also rebuilt with the modern touch. Being the capital city of India Delhi is well developed and connected to other cities through railways, roadway as well as airways.  If you haven’t visit this ancient place of India which carries the historic touch so well then you should definitely visit this place at least once in your life.

Now as I have a hotel in Greater Kailash Part 2, Hotel GTC and many guests ask us that which destinations they should explore first. Its a very common question of a New Delhi hotel reception. So as I have seen almost every tourist sightseeing place in Delhi, so I thought that I should post an article on it. So below I have listed 5 of the most amazing destinations which a traveller must explore. These five attractive places that you should not miss to visit in Delhi are Humayun’s tomb, Dilli Haat, Akshardham temple, khan market and Lodi garden. Take a brief not on each of these places.


Humayun’s tomb:

Whatever you read in your history books about the splendid architecture of Mughal Empires is just nothing against of its real site. May be the most dynamic architecture of that period is Humayun’s tomb. That clearly gives an unparallel view to the visitors. It gets a prestigious place at the UNESCO authorised world heritage site. So, it should be at the top of your list. People believe that this place is the inspiration of Taj Mahal.

Dilli Haat

If you are a great foodie and love shopping then it is the best place for you. Dilli Haat is known for its open food plaza as well as reputed craft bazaar. This place is situated near INA and is controlled by Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation. There are more than 62 craft shops in this plaza. Several people from different cities come to this place to sell their handicraft products. You will get different types of unique and elegant products in this place. There are food stall also for the guests. You can taste the very authentic Indian cuisine in this place.

Akshardham temple:

If you are in search of ancient culture, tradition and architecture then you should definitely visit Akshardham temple. This marvellous work of ancient period is still a sight to witness. Its design and decoration is simply grand and reveals the belief, tradition, Hindu culture of earlier times. The popularity of this temple is great because every tourist who comes to visit Delhi definitely pray at this temple.

Khan Market

It is a shopping complex that allows you to shop anything you want. With the arrival of Christmas this Khan Market becomes more beautiful with great decoration. Travellers from different country come to spend their night in this place. With the colour of festival khan market looks glamorous. There are a number of food places, restaurants. You will get Indian or international cuisines in this place.

Lodi Garden:

Lodi Garden is a perfect place for enjoying your leisure time under the open sky. It was popularly known as old Lady Wellington Park. Renowned with its beauty and fame it is also an important place in Delhi. The tombs of Muhammad Shah as well as Sikandar Lodi are placed in this garden.

Plus if you want more information that do contact our hotel reception for more details. Our numbers are

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Jaipur The pink city of Shopping and the desert land of Jaisalmer

Jaipur is a city blessed with a very rich cultural heritage that stands as an epitome of the royal past of the state of Rajasthan. It is no way less than a metropolitan city but the traditions and culture of olden times still bind the city. The tourists are simply amazed seeing the old traditions. The local fairs and the festivals are a living example of the rich history that belongs to this place.

Pink City
Pink City

Jaipur is also the main commercial point of the interior areas of Rajasthan. Many men and women wearing the traditional turbans and the typical Ghaghra and choli can be spotted here. Jaipur has some of the beautiful sightseeing places.

Shopping in Jaipur

Jaipur Shopping Destinations
Jaipur Shopping Destinations

Shopping has always been an indispensable part of Jaipur trip. The trip to this beautiful pink city is incomplete without a shopping. The markets here are not only lively but also always glittering.  You can find many famous items here.

Famous products

Jaipur is a place famous for many items. Some of the famous items include camel leather products, fabrics and carpets of Jaipur, jewelry and gems. Other includes perfumes, scents, earthen pots, jutis, handbags, Jaipuri quilt and sarees.

You can get these products in the well renowned famous markets. Tripolia bazar, bapu bazar, Nehru bazar, chaura rasta etc. Apart from this there also famous shops here. These are Bhandari jewelers, amrapali, Gem palace, hot pink and soma. You are sure to get the best gifts for your loved ones from these shops.

Jaipur undoubtedly is the pride of Rajasthan. It is bestowed with the perfect royal culture, world class monuments and the colorful markets for enjoyable shopping experience.  There are also many festivals and fairs held here each year.

When you talk about shooping in Jaipur that I love to see a site name Its a free online resource which has some amazing information on jewellers in Jaipur, Saree sellers, restuaurants in Jaipur etc/ So do have a look at that site for more shopping destination of Jaipur

How to reach Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the favorite destination of backpackers. Hence it has a well-developed transport system. This city is well connected by road, railways and airlines. It is very near to the Delhi and Agra. So when you plan a trip to this place you can also enjoy visit to Agra and Delhi. So if you want to have a royal experience visit Jaipur and explore the glorious past here. You will be amazed seeing the deserts here.  The accommodation facilities here also undoubtedly the best.

Some of the famous tourist destinations in Jaipur are:

Tourist destination in Jaipur
Tourist destination in Jaipur

1. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is also called the palace of winds is one of the most mesmerizing tourists attractions. It has been carved with red sandstone having 900 windows.

2. City Palace

It consists of museums, temples and courtyards. It is the blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. You can get a glimpse of period of royal rajas here.

3. Jantar Mantar

It has been named a world heritage site. It is also one of the famous landmark. Various astronomical events can be seen here with open eyes. Many astronomical events are found here.

4. Chauki Dhani

If you want to get the glimpse of Rajasthani culture, food, traditions then visit here. You can enjoy the perfect Rajasthani style here.

I will suggest that the best means of explore Jaipur will be a one day sightseeing in jaipur package and we offer it for Just INR 1000. Now lets talk about the next best city of Rajasthan and with that I mean “Jaisalmer”


We opened a jaisalmer desert camp resort this year because we know that after Jaipur, this city is the next best tourist destination. It has everything which attract tourists to stay here at least for 1 week. So what are those attraction which have a magical impact on tourists? Check the below points.


1. Local Monuments

Jaisalmer is famous for its century old monuments like Jaisalmer fort which is almost 700 year old and now its being counted UNESCO world heritage site. Then we have Gadisar lake which is by far some of the most amazing tourist destinations in whole India and it attracts many painters and ports. The city of Jaisalmer is filled with many heritage havelies which were once used as the royal houses of Jaisalmer court and now they are some of the finest architectural work of the state.

2. Desert Camps and Safari

Many have said that if you haven’t experience a night in Jaisalmer desert that you haven’t seen the city. So almost every traveller which visits the city also takes a 40-50 km journey from the city to Sam Dunes. These dunes are clear as crystal and have many desert camps which provide accommodation, evening musical events and most important Camel Safari. I am sure that you and your family will love a night in these desert camps and a ride of Jaisalmer camel.

Thats all from my end but I will suggest you to book a holiday for these cities and experience them yourself. I will suggest you check the below resources for more detailed information of Holiday Packages.

Option 1- Makemytrip Holidays

Option 2- Yatra Holidays